March 2008
The Royal Princess anchored off Parintins, an island-town, located 650 miles upriver from the mouth of the Amazon.  We also visited Santarem, 500 miles upriver, Boca da Valeria, a small native village and ended the cruise at Manaus, 1,000 miles upriver, where the dark waters of the Rio Negro meet the muddy waters of the Amazon.
Pair of Green-rumped Parrotlets seen at Parintins
Roadside Hawk (L) and Orange-fronted Yellow-Finch (R) seen at Parintins
Striated Heron (L) and Wattled Jacana (R) seen at the 9000-acre Lake Janauari Ecological Park, near Manaus.
Hoatzin (L) and Slate-colored Hawk (R) seen at Lake Janauari Ecological Park, near Manaus
White-winged Swallow (L) and Savanna Hawk (R) seen at Santarem
Oriole Blackbirds (L) and Smooth-billed Ani (R) seen at Santarem
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