Canadian Rockies Trip
part 4
Trip List of 74 bird species seen:
Lifers marked with *

          Common Loon
          Red-necked Grebe*
          American White Pelican
          Canada Goose
          Wood Duck
          American Wigeon
          Ring-necked Duck
          Common Goldeneye*
          Hooded Merganser*
          Common Merganser
          Great Blue Heron
          Bald Eagle
          Northern Harrier
          Swainson's Hawk*
          Red-tailed Hawk
          American Kestrel
          Spotted Sandpiper
          Ring-billed Gull
          California Gull*
          Rock Dove
          Black Swift*
          Belted Kingfisher
          Downy Woodpecker
          Northern Flicker
          Western Wood-Pewee*
          Least Flycatcher*
          Eastern Kingbird
          Blue Jay
          Gray Jay*
          Black-billed Magpie*
          Clark's Nutcracker*
          American Crow
          Common Raven
          Cedar Waxwing
          Mountain Bluebird*
          Swainson's Thrush
          American Robin
          Gray Catbird
          European Starling
          Red-breasted Nuthatch
          House Wren*
          Tree Swallow*
          Violet-green Swallow*
          Barn Swallow
          Cliff Swallow
          Ruby-crowned Kinglet
          Golden-crowned Kinglet
          Black-capped Chickadee*
          Mountain Chickadee*
          House Sparrow
          Pine Siskin*
          White-winged Crossbill*
          Yellow Warbler
          Yellow-rumped Warbler
          Blackpoll Warbler
          American Redstart
          Common Yellowthroat
          Wilson's Warbler
          Song Sparrow*
          Lincoln's Sparrow*
          Swamp Sparrow
          White-crowned Sparrow
          Dark-eyed Junco*
          Chipping Sparrow
          Baltimore Oriole
          Red-winged Blackbird
          Brewer's Blackbird
          Brown-headed Cowbird

Mammals seen:

Red squirrel
Golden-mantled ground squirrel

Golden-mantled ground squirrel in Johnston Canyon
Red squirrels, seen near Jasper
Elk, seen near the trailhead at Johnston Canyon
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