This immature male Ruby-throated Hummingbird attracted my attention when he approached the feeder while I was hanging it. He fed quite happily with me standing close, so I decided to try to get a picture. From above the lower mandible appeared to be bent slightly to the right, but in the photo here it also appears crossed. He was able to feed from this Best-1 Feeder as it has larger feeding ports compared to those in the middle of the yellow flowers on the Perky Pet feeders. He stayed for 5 days, defending this feeder against all the other hummers, and left on the morning of Friday, Sept 21st 2001.

Photographed Monday, Sept 17th 2001, with an Olympus C-700UZ digital camera
Helen Baines, SE Texas, near Houston

After posting the information about this hummingbird on the forum TexBirds, I received an e-mail from a hummingbird bander, located NW of San Antonio, TX. She said that so far that year (01), she had captured and banded 2 Black-chinned and 1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird with the same problem. But what was really interesting was, that she had banded a juvenile male Black-chinned Hummingbird with a crossed bill, just like my bird, in 1998. This bird has returned to her yard every year since, so for 3 years in a row she was able to capture this bird and examine him very carefully. She said he was perfectly healthy and very beautiful as well.
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A Hummingbird with a deformed bill
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