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BirdForum ~ browse the forums on many aspects of birding; trip reports; photography; advice on digiscoping, cameras, optics and many other topics, including natural history. Great photo galleries, bird database, birding locations section and a monthly photographic competition.                                 
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immature male rufous hummingbird
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Need to check out some trip reports for an upcoming birding trip - see the comprehensive collection at the cloudbirder website .........
Need to identify a bird or browse an online world field guide. Click on the MANGOverde logo ........
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BirdForum now has a sister forum, just for photography. There are galleries and a monthly competition. Membership is free .......
Are you a disabled birder?  Check out this website for birdwatching information, gallery, and daily photo reports from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, England.  It is maintained by and for disabled and housebound birdwatchers.

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