Returning female Rufous Hummingbird
July 31st 2005
digiscoped with Nikon CP4500 and Swarovski AT80HD
This hummingbird was first banded at my home on Jan. 19th, 2004 - she was given a band numbered N39257. She returned to my garden at the end of July 2004 and was recaptured on Dec. 22nd, 2004, when she was color-marked with blue non-toxic paint on her crown.  Now fast forward 7 months to August 1st, 2005, when I managed to digiscope the hummer pictured here, with 2 blue spots on her head.  I had already seen her band through my spotting scope, but could only see 2 of the numbers - 39. 

On Dec. 22nd, 2004, Charlie Brower had also recaptured another female Rufous (originally banded by him on Jan. 19th, 2004).  She had a band numbered N39258, and received a yellow dot on her crown.  By seeing the blue spots on this female's crown, I can be pretty certain she is N39257. Will post more photos if I get a one showing her band, like last year.

I am located 25 miles southwest of Houston, Texas.
Update August 7th: through my scope, I have been able to see the letter N and also the numbers 25 on her band, Then I finally digiscoped an image (see below) where I can just make out the last 2 numbers on her band - definitely 57, so with the remnant blue spots on her head she has to be N39257.
Female Rufous with band # N39257
Close-up of the band showing the last 2 numbers ~ 57
Update Sept. 2005: During the Ruby-throated Hummingbird migration, this female Rufous decided that one feeder was hers alone and she perched either on the hanger or in a vine a couple of feet away, and no Ruby-throats were allowed to use it!

Dec. 11th:  since the Ruby-throats left for warmer southern climes, this female Rufous has been hanging out in my neighbor's yard, so I don't see her very often, but I know she's still here.  See my Winter Hummingbird page for another photo of her.
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