Could this be the same female Rufous that spent the last 2 winters in my yard? She is banded - it is just visible on her right leg in the left photo, and more easily seen on the third photo, below right. All the photos were digiscoped in poor light - the one on the left in the late evening of July 31st, when I first spotted her. The one on the right was taken while she was preening after a thunder shower on August 8th - it does give a nice view of the rufous coloring in the tail.

Will update the page when I get some better photos and/or we confirm her band number on recapture.
Rufous Hummingbirds
2003-2004 Winter Season
Richmond, Texas

This page was last updated on: August 31, 2003

The banded female Rufous photographed on August 8th, 2003.
The band is visible on her right leg.
Here is another female Rufous/Allen's, which arrived on August 9th, 2003. She is not banded, so hopefully we'll be able to trap her and give her a silver anklet in due time!

She has claimed this feeder and spends her time defending it, by sitting on the top of the feeder, or hiding in a nearby tree to watch for other hummers that might try to sneak in and take a drink!